High-grade Encryption with Amazon AWS Elastic Load Balancers

AWS ELB Introduction

AWS Provides simple load balancing via AWS ELB

Placing a secure server behind ELB is a good thing not only when u need to load-balance requests because:

  1. Configurable Instance(s) Health Check (SSL/TCP/HTTPS/HTTP) with alerts via AWS CloudWatch
  2. Additionnal CloudWatch Metrics (HTTP 2xx/4xx/5xx … and so on)
  3. Configurable Idle connections timeout with maximum 3600 seconds timeouts (timeout = no HTTP(S)/TCP/SSL traffic at all)
  4. ELB also works as a firewall u can configure in just a few clicks allowing and restricting access from outside to instance
  5. SSL handler, in case u dont want to handle SSL just upload your certificate and ELB will handle SSL/TLS for you eliminating SSL library updates/security patches and other complexity that comes with handling SSL also updating certificates could be done in just few minutes and few clicks with changes coming in effect immediattely
  6. SSL Ciphers control, making possible to make a PCI compliance w/o a trouble or ensuring your secure server will not be accessible by outdated clients (a.k.a Browsers) that only capable of using old SHA-1 crypto. Making sure clients use TLSv1.2 and ECDHE protocol for maximum (forward) security available.

Only latest modern browsers support best encryption, setting for example latest encryption setting as


will additionnaly restrict access to old spyware, bots, scanners, crawlers who u dont want to see and specific endpoints, furthermore crypt settings are per-port, so u can re-route “Old” and “New” clients to different ports without changing your app configuration simply by pointing both external ports to the same internal port on ELB.

Additionnal tools/materials