Release of sshilko/backq v2 library

Introduction to v2 BackQ library

This blog started in 2014 with the release of BackQ library for processing things in background in PHP. Since then much changed, new framework version of Symfony, Laravel were released, there are many built in solutions provided by the frameworks that are good, but it’s still fun to build stuff yourself. Last public release was on January 2018 with 1.3.1 but the library received many patches since then, that could only be open sourced now.

The stable V1 branch is 1.9.13 - that would be last release of v1. The stable V2 branch is 2.0.6, new patches will be coming more often now, as soon as new production ready functionality is there.

v1 and v2 changelog since last release in Jan 2018

First, now there is UPGRADING document describing the new features and breaking changes, v2 is different in a way that it more tightly couples the adapters and publishers, which from experience happens anyway and makes complete sense - less boiler plate code now. That unfortunately will require some changes for v1 code to be upgraded to v2. Otherwise v2 brings more adapters.

  • Serialized adapter, which can serialize other adapters, kind of a proxy for various reasons
  • DynamoSQS, the weird one, combines the power of DynamoDB and SQS to overcome the TTL limitations of SQS
  • Logging was reworked, and now uses standard PSR logger
  • Redis adapter was added, that uses Laravel’s Redis adapter (which is 99% same as Symfony one), they both use the power of lua scripting
  • NSQ adapter is added and working, but performance is low compared to others, so it wont get any updates soon
  • Examples were updated and tested
  • Closure worker is added, that can execute any serialized closures (similar to Process worker)
Written on September 19, 2019